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Shaolin Kung Fu is Great!

The style of Kung Fu that we teach is called White Dragon. White Dragon Kung Fu traces its origins all the way back to the Chinese Shaolin monks who - after fleeing China in the mid 1600's - rebuilt their monasteries and continued their Kung Fu practice in monasteries on the Northern coast of Okinawa, Japan.

Our founder here in United States was Daniel K Pai. Having studied in Okinawa in the Shaolin monasteries, Daniel immigrated to America and brought the training, discipline, and elegant flowing style of Kung Fu that we still practice today.

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Flowing style Kung Fu

As you know, there are many different styles of martial arts. Our style of Kung fu is marked by the classic Chinese elegance and grace combined with great strength and power - including low stances, and a flowing style that harnesses an opponent's power to use it to your advantage. If your opponent is kicking you, you will learn how to use that energy - let it flow through it as you block and counterattack - such that you do not expend too much energy. This keeps you in an ideal position to deal with whatever comes next.

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