West Palm Beach Martial Arts
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West Palm Beach Kung Fu

Welcome to White Dragon Kung Fu - where Kung Fu is Great!

We are a school dedicated to teaching the traditional classic Chinese ancient martial art technique of Kung Fu. Our head instructor, Sifu Manning, has been studying & teaching Kung Fu for over 20 years. Sifu Manning currently holds a second degree black belt ranking in White Dragon Kung Fu.

Is Kung Fu right for you? Yes!

Our students range from five / six years old all the way up to 40 years old. We have classes dedicated to each different age group, and careful attention is given to promoting students based upon skills, ability, and dedication. Even within classes, Sifu Manning is always breaking students into smaller groups to work on different skills - based upon skills and abilities.

What is the school's main goal or focus?

The goal of our West Palm Beach Kung Fu school is to develop and strengthen the skills and abilities that come both naturally and are learned through a unique combination of teaching fundamentals, strength & flexibility building, balance & control development, and uncovering the energy and power and strength within each student. Ultimately students that are motivated to grow and learn are the students that continue to excel and achieve.

Sifu Manning's goal is to bring out the best in each student. He is committed to working with each student's natural ability, and developing the internal strength within each student. He does this through the steady introduction of traditional forms, moves, and exercises. The school's curriculum also builds strength, flexibility, and agility.

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